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You are a trade ! Middlemen out !

Why work with Esse ?

Well, first of all, yes, I completely agree with you. The fewer intermediaries, the better. One partner is one too many, you might think!

On the other hand, it is a question of how much you save and what you get in return.

You want quality and you want to concentrate on your sales,

ESSE; we take great care of your order and have strict quality requirements before a loading permit is issued;

we do not cut any corners here with our quality procedures. Never.

Over ten years experience in product development for tents and outdoor equipment.

Design expertise through both the domestic team in Xiamen and overseas.

Professional service and prompt feedback.



A decade of expertise



Satisfied customers

You need NEW products to increase your market share

This is our core business, non-stop product development and sharing innovative ideas to integrate into your collection.

You deal with multiple suppliers for your diverse range of products. Our job is to maintain the consistency of your branded product range (logo, shipping marks, same brand features, etc.).

You want to combine several MOQ skus and find the most cost effective way to ship them; here it is our expertise to combine the goods of several suppliers; store them in our warehouse so that several partial shipments can be made from one location).

You want to compare the prices of several suppliers; this is our daily routine: we deal directly with the canvas and polyester mills and compare the detailed offers of the fabrics. (Same canvas? Hmmm, is it the same cotton/polyester ratio? Same finish? Same coating process? Same components?)

Am I comparing apples to apples, or am I enjoying such a fantastic Excel price list and the guarantee of a lot of work later on?


Esse outdoor in Xiamen

Time to test and enjoy the great outdoor

Our amazing work that we are proud of

Not sure where to start?

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New Collection

Why choose us

Modern approach & sustainable results

ESSE has an extensive supplier portfolio with a collection of tent and outdoor equipment manufacturers



A decade of expertise

Over 15 years of experience says a lot and we invest all our acquired knowledge in new innovative solutions, new products every month and we want to keep up with the times and bring new world trends.



Completed projects

We have a lot of completed projects, many patented new products and we always want to go one step further and push the boundaries of what is innovative and possible.



Satisfied clients

We can always say that we are good, that we are the best, but all this gains value only when satisfied clients and successful long-term cooperation confirm it. We are proud of all our clients.


Number of Vendors

In the last few years, we have increased our production capacity more than 4x. Successful cooperation with more than 40 suppliers. Successful active global delivery on time.

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