Our Story


As a trader in the outdoor industry, we prioritize innovation, product quality, and expertise over merely seeking always the lowest costs wherever countries in Asia possible, believing that maintaining competitive pricing and market relevance requires continuous investment in design and close collaboration with knowledgeable suppliers.

Pierre PINEL (ESSE owner)

We Have All For Your Project...

Here I take the time to write down a bit of past experience before ending up with ESSE-OUTDOOR GEAR Ltd in Xiamen. It all started in 2009 in Shanghai, we set up our buying office (Alya Ltd) where we developed 2x collections per product range:

  • Indoor & General furniture sourcing (ALYA)
  • Outdoor gears series (ESSE)

The company was run for 3 years by 2x young and hard-working entrepreneurs (E. SER, P. PINEL) who enjoyed living in such a dynamic business environment with daily challenges. This company did achieve an incredible step within 2 years’ time by reaching a financially stable level thanks to our key customers that are still here more than 10 years later. In 2012 this amazing adventure took the end for the sourcing of general furniture sourcing, it is then the official date of the company and brand launch of the company




A decade of expertise



Satisfied customers

Welcome to our oasis where magic happens

Our Mission

We offer experienced quality control of camping gear and NEW camping/touring collection EACH SEASON for our valued clients

Top industry specialists

We always strive to be different, innovative and to set and introduce new world trends. Sky is the limit.

Constant innovations

Over 15 years of experience says a lot and we invest all our acquired knowledge in new innovative solutions, new products every month and we want to keep up with the times and bring new world trends.

Quality control

We always work closely with our suppliers and Qcs to meet all our client’s LATEST amendments.

Ship on time

Our expert team updates WEEKLY shipping schedule with our suppliers and ensures your orders are delivered on time.

Product Development

Create new collection via on-site BUT ALSO external design companies that helps us to come up with new collection each season.

Client support

Nothing would be possible without developing quality and fast support for our clients and we are always available to them.

Meet our passionate & smart team

Join business owners & companies worldwide who trust in the quality of the Esse outdoor Team, let's grow together!