Our Services

Our Services

Sourcing & Supply

We are a company specializing in the development of camping equipment; ESSE helps to create and deliver innovative products to the outdoor industry through our design teams and years of experience in manufacturing outdoor product ranges in China.
I’m taking the liberty of contacting you because I think there may be potential for collaboration on certain products or ranges that ZEMPIRE would be interested in expanding or adding to.

Who are we, exactly?

We develop and offer collections to our customers, who can be either European or global tent manufacturers with whom we can complement certain accessories or ranges with their own products. Or importers with whom we develop and offer exclusive collections.

Product Development

With our expertise & knowledge of outdoor materials, we can deliver your outdoor collection within your target price/RPM band.

Both our domestic and foreign design teams (Xiamen design team, our long friend designer Esmir, our French design team partner and Shenzen local design company),

I am sure we can turn your complex ideas or designs into reality.


Quality Control

Although claims are a part of  business, we do tend to limit the rate of returns on our products.

(On average we are below 0.5% * for our 2023/2024 season)

* Total cost of items claimed / total value of items shipped) Firstly, our production sample has to be signed off and follow the last modification list (if any) 100%.

Secondly, we send our quality supervisors to the factory to follow each production step (cutting, printing, sewing, assembling, packing). They also check the prior or latest change list.

Finally, customers receive a Pre-Shipment Inspection (P.S.I.) with all the tests carried out on the finished products. (The report averages 60 to 70 pages with photos, shipping marks, product display and testing every feature of our product).
Loading after P.S.I. is approved by both parties (ESSE & Customer).

Join business owners & companies worldwide who trust in the quality of the Esse outdoor Team, let's grow together!