May 7, 2024

Ultra light bamboo table

Boasting an ultra-light bamboo tabletop, this table merges eco-friendliness with modern aesthetics, making it a chic addition to any camping, picnic, or garden setting.

Unfold Adventure with BAMBOO LITE — Elegance Anywhere


Comes with a deluxe padded carry bag for easy transportation and protection

Sustainable Bamboo:

Utilizing the strength and sustainability of bamboo, the table offers a smooth and durable surface for all your items.

Ease of Use:

Assemble and fold away with ease, thanks to its intuitive design that allows for quick setup and breakdown.

Sturdy Construction:

Designed to support your adventurous lifestyle, the aluminum frame promises both lightweight and rigidity.

Versatile Height Settings:

Whether you’re sitting or standing, adjust the table to your comfort level with three different height options.

Whether you’re sipping coffee by the lakeside, enjoying a serene picnic, or needing a reliable surface at your campsite, the BAMBOO LITE TABLE is your go-to choice for portable, stylish, and practical outdoor furniture.


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