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Cooler bag

Durable Design:
Enhanced with a waterproof TPU layer and double-layer PE foam insulation, this cooler bag is built to withstand rugged outdoor use while keeping your food and drinks secure and at the right temperature.

Compact and Capacious:
Despite its compact dimensions of 33.5x27x29 cm, the cooler bag offers a generous 25-liter capacity, perfect for storing meals for the family or a group of friends.

Convenience and Versatility:
This cooler bag doesn’t just carry your food and drinks; it comes with practical features designed for ease of use.
This cooler bag features an airtight zipper to maintain internal temperatures, customizable metal plates for a personal touch, and an adjustable strap with a built-in opener for easy transport and use.

Superior Insulation:
Our cooler bags with thicker PE foam padding maintain the optimum internal environment for your needs, whether it’s a sunny day at the beach or a chilly afternoon picnic, keeping your items cold or warm.

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