Pierre PINEL

Creative Director

Pierre Pinel

20 years working experience in Outdoor industry


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2010 - Starting

It all started in 2009 in Shanghai, we set up our buying office (Alya Ltd) where we developed 2x collections per product range.

2012 - Esse Outdoor Gear next level

The company was run for 3 years by 2x young and hard-working entrepreneurs (E. SER, P. PINEL) who enjoyed living in such a dynamic business environment with daily challenges.

2020 - Esse Outdoor Released

In 2012 this amazing adventure took the end for the sourcing of general furniture sourcing, it is then the official date of the company and brand launch of the company (ESSE OUTDOOR GEAR CO LTD) run by P. PINEL.

2023 - Completely new offices, new warehouse,

We used 15 years of experience to create the workspace we dreamed of and increase production and warehouse capacities by 5x


Organisation - since 2005
Furniture sourcing - since 2012
Marketing - since 2016