December 28, 2023

QuickPitch Oasis

This shelter is a game-changer for all your outdoor adventures!

Made of canvas PU or new breathable canvas 300 GSM

Discover the pinnacle of outdoor innovation with the QuickPitch Oasis, a tent that harmonizes ease of setup with the resilience required for the adventurous at heart. This shelter redefines camping with its blend of high-grade materials and user-friendly design.

Crafted from robust 150D Oxford cloth, the QuickPitch Oasis promises durability and protection against the elements. Its expansive dimensions of 375 x 390 x 175 cm offer a spacious haven, whether you’re seeking shelter from the midday sun or settling in for a night under the stars.

The tent’s structure is supported by a combination of 180 cm silver aluminum tubes and a 580 cm fiberglass rod, ensuring a balance between lightweight design and steadfast stability. These materials are chosen not just for their strength but also for their lightweight properties, allowing you to trek with the tent without being weighed down.

With a packaged size of just 59 x 19 x 19 cm and a total weight of a mere 6.35 kg, the QuickPitch Oasis is as portable as it is reliable. Whether you’re headed for a remote beach or a mountain ridge, it’s designed to go wherever your wanderlust takes you.



Setting up your campsite is swift and effortless thanks to the tent’s pre-fixed webbing and intelligently designed framework, which come together to form a shelter in mere moments. Accompanied by two sturdy aluminum upright poles, the Oasis can withstand winds that would send lesser tents tumbling.

Whether you’re a solo explorer or part of a larger troop, the QuickPitch Oasis is your gateway to effortless camping, marrying the free-spirited essence of the outdoors with the comfort of a quick and easy setup. Ready for any adventure, this tent is not just a piece of equipment; it’s your portable sanctuary in the wilderness.


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