November 20, 2023


Your new RTT / swag mattress

Sleep Cool, Dream Anywhere – Your Ultimate Comfort Companion!

Convenient and Fast

Featuring a unique roll-up design, this product offers unparalleled convenience. It’s specifically crafted for portability, allowing you to quickly and effortlessly pack it away. Just roll it up, secure it, and you can easily throw it in your car, making it an ideal choice for spontaneous adventures or planned trips alike.


This mattress is designed with versatility in mind, ensuring it fits perfectly whether you’re inside a tent, nestled in a swag, or setting up a cozy corner under the stars. It adapts seamlessly to various environments, providing comfort wherever you choose to rest. Its adaptable design guarantees a snug fit in any space, making it a reliable companion for all your outdoor or indoor retreats.

New Mix Foam

This mattress features an innovative blend of foams to provide superior support and comfort. It combines hard foam PU30D for durability and structural integrity with memory foam 45D TDI for its excellent conforming properties. This hybrid foam design not only ensures a stable foundation but also cradles the body to relieve pressure points and enhance sleep quality.

Coolness and Comfort

Crafted from a high-tech ICE COOLING fabric that consists of 44% polyethylene and 54% polyester, this mattress weighs 320g/㎡, offering a unique cooling effect. The fabric’s advanced composition helps to regulate surface temperature, maintaining a consistently cool touch. This feature, combined with the fabric’s breathable nature, promotes better air circulation, effectively wicking away moisture and ensuring a comfortable and refreshing sleep experience, even on warm nights.


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